Vermin a modern CLI for Vagrant

Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

Vermin is a smart, simple, and powerful command-line tool for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

It’s designed for developers/tester and others working in IT professionals who want a fresh VM environment with a single command. It uses VirtualBox to run the VM.

Vermin is simple to run if you are aware of modern CLI tools like docker, kubectl and other cloud-native things, then you will find vermin more familiar.

Starting from version v0.94.0 vermin works smoothly with Vagrant Boxes from Vagrant Cloud.

So, You can consider it as a modern CLI for Vagrant Boxes.

Vermin, in fact, provides some features that make it somewhat easier to work with, especially its ability to capture changes without reloading the VM.

To use any Vagrant Box, just prepend vagrant/ to the box name:

$ vermin create vagrant/dictcp/android-x86
creating a vermin VM from Vagrant Box

Vagrant uses the command reload to make changes to Vagrantfile take place. however, vermin doesn’t need to reload the VM for such changes as mounting a directory or doing a port forward.

You can find more about Vermin from its documentation page or Github page.

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